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(im sorry !! I accidentally posted this in the meta area , so i'm making a post for the actual Pokemon area?)
but I saw there wasn't any location info on vigoroth for pokemoon, and I caught one on route 11 on the first patch o grass to the left.
though, it was from a QR scan, sorry I don't know much about it myself so i'm not sure if he can be found there regularly and it's just rare or it's only from island scan?
sorry if this doesn't help, but thanks in advance if anyone knows about how the island scan works !


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Vigoroth can only be found using island scan. The island scan gives you 1 hour to find a specified Pokemon on that island. (It will be found on a certain, random part of the island you're on.) The Pokemon you find depends on which island you are on when you activate it.


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ohh, thanks !