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In my file of Pokémon Platinum that I restarted today, I decided to go for a ghost type team. I know I want my team to include Drifloon, Ghastly, Duskull, Frosslass, and Spiritomb. However, cannot think of an item (that another Pokémon will not be holding) for Duskull to hold. What easy to obtain items go well with Duskull, or ghost Pokémon in general? I also want to know where to obtain a Frosslass and or Snorunt in Pokémon Platinum, if that's possible.

What are the other Pokémon holding? That is the question.

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Items that are useful for Ghost-type Pokémon:

Spell Tag – Just gives a little boost to Ghost-type attacks.

Spooky Plate – Just gives a little boost to Ghost-type attacks.

Reaper Cloth – Helps evolve Dusclops. Not very useful, since all internet functions for anything below Gen VI. Still, I believe face-to-face interaction still work, so you could try that.

How to obtain/evolve Frosslass in Platinum:

Step 1: Catch a Snorunt: The first thing you need to do to obtain Frosslass is to catch a female Snorunt. It must be female, otherwise it cannot evolve into Frosslass. You can catch it at any of these locations.

Step 2: Get a Dawn Stone: Next you'll need a Dawn Stone. The Dawn stone can be obtained in Pokémon Platinum on Route 212, Route 225, or Mt. Coronet.

Step 3: Evolve thy Snorunt: Finally, evolve your Snorunt into a Frosslass! Open your Bag, go to Items, and select the Dawn Stone. Select "Use", then select Snorunt. Do not press B whilst Snorunt is evolving, or else you will have to go look for another Dawn Stone. Good luck, adventurer!


I'm pretty sure you can't cancel stone-based evolution...
I'm just making an assumption, I've never actually tried it. Better safe than sorry.