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My friend recently started a new game on his Platinum. I'm trying to find him the best flying Pokemon.
I'm thinking of Crobat, Altaria, Staraptor, or Farfetch'd.

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I personally always get a Starly because Staraptor is great! But Crobat is also easy to get and can be helpful and Altaria is a great ingame wall.

Staraptor- High Atk/ Speed but limited movepool. Good for spamming Close Combat and Brave Bird with Quick Attack as a revenge move.

Crobat-rounded stats High Speed. Decent movepool and good for status (confuse Ray/ Toxic/ Hypnosis[if you breed]) but weak STAB and coverage moves.

Altaria- Good Def/SpD stats. A rounded movepoo with good defensive moves and his only real flaw is his lack of attacking power.

I ahve usedall of them and they all work fine, so the choice really is yours and how much time you are going to put into leveling them up.

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I always like to use Staraptor, because you can get it super early in the game, so it levels up sooner. Also, it's good for fighting Giratina when you face it. Altaria is a good defensive type, and having a dragon is always awesome, but I'd go with Staraptor, due to how early you can get it, it is also everywhere if you're already somewhat through the game, it learns Close Combat, and it's good for blocking Giratina's Shadow Force. Plus it has a surprisingly good moveset, and I would put Fly on it, since that doesn't go as well with Altaria.

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