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This question: https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/284845/tips-on-beating-mega-medicham-in-pokemon-shuffle, and when ash battles the fighting gym in Sinnoh (there was a Psychic-Fighting type in there). One of the characters tells ash to look out for meditite's psychic attacks (ash was using a staravia by the way), and the answer for that question says, and I quote,"I know Lugia is a Flying type, but it will get you through". Please tell me what this means.

EDIT: How can you even use Pokemon in Pokemon Shuffle? And also lugia is part psychic so that person saying about lugia being part Flying type makes no sense either.

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The question doesn't make much sense, could you try to better explain what you mean?

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for the first question is because maylene is powerful in the anime and I think because of huge power. dont say psychic type moves are special because it is never proven special and physical attack exist in the anime.

and for the second question is because lugia is a support Pokemon to eject the meditites.

the third question is pick 4 Pokemon (mostly super effective) and battle another Pokemon and beat it with combos. the fourth part is all Pokemon have 1 typing. no dual types which means yveltal for say isnt weak to rock anymore. the typing that is selected is the primary type and yveltals primary type is dark secondary being flying. some Pokemon appears shiny and have the other typing but they are completely diffrent Pokemons. I'm sorry if this is confusing but this is the best way I can put it.

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