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Zip Zoom! -Scoot 2002

The title is pretty self-explanatory.

@Octalmari That's exactly why I didn't answer...
People aren't writing as answers because the only answers we can come up with are subjective, which I think are probably better off as comments. Would you even be happy if people wrote "GameFreak logic" as an answer? Are you asking for our opinions on probable answers? Or are you asking if there is a real answer to this, then what is it? I'm asking because I'm always unsure with questions like this and I'd like to be able to at least know what you're expecting so I can maybe try to help...
This question is well written. You could simply answer ‘no’: that there is no explanation that is immediately apparent or proven to be true.
@Octalmari - Huh, what a weird way to communicate.
Well, at least I got a proper answer.

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i only have 2 explanation: golduck would be too powerful with the psychic type in rby so game freak limited the amount of psychic types to late game mons, or the one in early game are too weak. 2nd, I think is golduck got too much brain damage as a psyduck. golduck and psyduck have psychic powers but not smart enough to use them to the fullest. or 3, gamefreak logic

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Sorry, I classified Slowbro to be a Pure Water type and Hypno to not even exist at all.
there is also jynx but everyone pretend she doesnt exist
That's because Jynx doesn't exist. Jynx is like the Mew under the truck, but less believable.
What's a jynx
It's what you say whenever somebody says the exact same thing that you just said at the exact same time as you.