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I was just wondering

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It's based off of the northern lights. So the aurora style coloring is situated in the arctic areas, where it gets its ice typing from. That's my guess, but yet again psychics have enough moves as is. Ice types need attention too.

Technically, Northern Lights are caused by Solar Flares and wandering electrons in the Atmosphere. If anything, Aurora Beam should be an Electric or Fire-type attack. I never really thought about it before... =O
Let's not go into scientific info here.
Lol...sounds like a professor...
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In addition to DT's good answer, back in the first generations physical/special moves were based only on the types. So all Fire, Water, Electric, Grass, Ice, Psychic, Dragon or Dark moves were special.

Generally any move that uses a "beam" doesn't directly make contact so is considered a special move. So it doesn't have to be Psychic. Will is also right though, it could have been Electric or Fire.

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