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Why are Flying-Types generally faster than Electric types? I mean, like, isn't lightning usually faster than wind?


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True but no Pokemon really resemble Lightning. Electric types tend to be land based Pokemon. Whereas flying Pokemon (well) tend to fly. A flying birds can reach tremendous speeds whereas land mamals (or electric types) can't.

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yeah...cheetah(110km per hour) vs swift(110-190 km per hour)
Or the Peregrine Falcon, which is I believe the fastest animal.
Actually no the peregrin falcone is not the fastest animal... it can only reach speeds of 200 mph while tucked into a nosedive if not an angled dive... since that requires no effort on the peregrin falcon's part at all it doesnt count... the white throated needletail is actually the fastest since it can reach 170 kph while actually flying.