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I'm getting the game for Christmas and trying to plan a team. Think I've got Blazekin, Slowbro and maybe Exploud so far but I'd really like a good flying type.
Any ideas?
Don't really want another Mega cause I'm already finding it hard between two..
and if any of the members on my team sound bad so far, please tell me :)

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Why is it that nobody has recommended a Flygon?
Because Flygon is Dragon/Ground.

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The Hoenn Region holds a plethora of Flying-type Pokémon, but I will only list the ones that can learn the HM Fly: Swellow, Pelipper, Crobat, Dodrio, Skarmory, Altaria, and Salamence. (I am not counting Tropius and Xatu beause they're not very useful)


Swellow is a solid choice, with stellar Speed and a decent Attack stat. He's able to learn some strong moves, has a good Ability in Guts and is available very early on. For a moveset, try:
- Fly
- Return/Quick Attack
- U-Turn
- Steel Wing/Roost/Quick Attack

(I'm assuming you don't care about Natures or EVs, but if you do I'll add them)


Another good Pokémon also available early on, Pelipper can function both as a fighter and an HM slave, learning Fly and Surf. He has good HP and Special Attack. Try this moveset:
- Fly
- Surf
- Shock Wave (move tutor)
- Ice Beam/Roost


Crobat is an incredible Pokémon with a variety of moves. He also has amazing Speed and useable Attack, as well as powerful STAB attacks. This is a good in-game moveset:
- Cross Poison
- Fly
- X-Scissor/U-Turn
- Steel Wing/Roost


While often overlooked in favour of more powerful Flying-types, Dodrio can hold his own in-game. He gets wicked high Attack and Speed, as well as Fly (don't ask me how). Here's the recommended moveset:
- Fly
- Quick Attack/Return
- Drill Peck/Roost
- Steel Wing


A nice defensive monster to add to your team, although you already have Slowbro. Still, Skarmory is a positive addition to any team with his amazing Defense. Usually a Skarmory would know moves like Defog and Stealth Rock, but since in-game is usually hyper-offensive, I will suggest an appropriate moveset:
- Fly
- Steel Wing/Iron Head (move tutor)
- Rock Slide/Roost
- X-Scissor/Night Slash/Roost


Altaria possesses an incredibly diverse movepool, able to run both physical and special movesets. This, when paired with its decent bulk, make it a good choice for a Flying-type to add to your team (that, and it's a freaking cloud dragon).
- Fly
- Dragon Claw
- Dragon Dance/Roost
- Earthquake

- Fly
- Dragon Pulse
- Moonblast
- Flamethrower/Ice Beam/Roost
(I would recommend using Altaria's Mega Evolution, but it isn't necessary.)


And finally, the king of all Hoenn Flying-types, Salamence. He is a literal killing machine (or is that KOing machine?) that tears through all who oppose him...except Ice-types, be sure to have a counter for those.
- Fly
- Dragon Claw/Outrage
- Earthquake/Stone Edge/Rock Slide
- Crunch/Zen Headbutt/Fire Fang

Well, those are all of the viable Flying-types in OR/AS who are not Tropius, Xatu, Rayquaza or part Bug-type. I hope you're able to find one that works for you.

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Oh my god you are the best person ever..
And no I don't really care about EV's right now thanks :)
Aw, shucks, I'm speechless. XD
Salamence is not a killing machine.  It is a fainting machine.
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A good flying type may be a Golbat, which can be found around middle-late game at level 33-36. This can learn Fly and can be a great addition to your team. It has fast stats and a good attack and evolves into Crobat with full happiness.
You might also want a Pidgeotto. It can be found in the Safarai Zone: Area 2 at level 30 with DexNav application. It will later evolve into a Pidgeot, a good Pokemon with a solid Attack and Speed. Mega evolving it isn't necessary.
Altaria has a good Sp. Def and can be more of a tanky flying type. You can catch it as a Swablu at level 16-19. Salamence is also a solid pick for a flying type as it has amazing Attack and Speed. You can get it as a Bagon in Meteor Falls at level 37-40. You do not have to mega evolve these either.
Astronautical will put up some good movesets and stats for these Pokemon.
I hope I helped!
Oh yeah your team is good so far. Remember to use the Shiny Beldum event! You might also want to consider getting a Manetric for your team. Just try to vary your types among your Pokemon team.

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Ok, I'm not including locations, just their best stats and recommended movesets.
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Thanks this helped a lot :)
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