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I want a Flying type for my in-game team. I thought Latios was flying, but it's not. Is it worth it to use a Flying type, or should I use Latios? If I should use a Flying type, is Swellow a good pick? I already have a Level 32 Swellow. My full team so far is: Marshtomp, Grovyle, Combusken, Gardevoir, Swellow/Latios/Flying type, and Linoone, who I'm planning on replacing with Groudon later. Just so you know, I'm at the part of the story where you're going to Fortree, if that matters.

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After 7th gym you won't need a flyer just saying

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Swellow is a great user of Fly. It gets STAB from it, and Swellow isn't hard to support on your team at all, as it's a very capable fighter. It also gets moves like Aerial Ace and Brave Bird, if you'd rather not use Fly in battle. It doesn't overlap types with any of your team members except Linoone, and you're going to replace that anyways.

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Okay, I'll stick with my Swellow then.