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I am trying to plan my team for a fantastical Pokemon game where every Pokemon from Gens 1-5 are catchable, using Pokemon that I have really wanted to use in a playthrough, (like Donphan for example.) When I was planning my team, I realized I need a Flying type Pokemon, for the use of Fly as well as a helpful Pokemon for battles on my team. I was conflicted, I didn't, (and still don't) know who to pick. I do not want to use the regional Normal-Flying that is in every region, (Pidgeot, Noctowl, Swellow, Staraptor, and Unfezant.) I would like to use a Pokemon that is usually not very usable in a playthrough. I was going to pick Tropius, but it has horrendous stats, No legendary birds either, I already have a Victini on my team.

The rest of my team at the moment is Serperior, Cacturne, Zebstrika, Donphan, and Scolipede.

Thank you

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Thanks Staraptor! I had an idea yesterday where I could use an Altaria until I got access to a Dragonite, so that would be cool. Unfortunately you can't catch Dragonite in BB2 so I would have to train it up from a dratini. I think I might just use Tropius because that's also fun. Idk at this point lol
I think this question is against the rules, because they are asking what flyer from Gen 1-5 they are going to use in the ROM hack. If it was something like which flyers in BW2, then since BW2 hasn't all Pokemon from Gen 1-5 pre-nat dex, it would be different. Only the ROM Hack has 1-5 Gen Pokemon, and not BW2 so I believe it breaks the rules
No, I'm asking what is the best flyer from gens 1-5. That is in no way a direct question about a mod. If I was asking what is the best Pokemon to use in Blaze Black 2, then that would be against the rules. I'm asking what is the strongest, easiest to obtain, and most unique flyer in the first five generations.
Usually the rule is “if you find the need to mention the rom or hack, it breaks the rules” so it’s probably best if you edit out the rom hack and just say you want the best flyer from gens 1-5
Lol done

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I'll answer because I think I can go more in-depth. Please tell me if I should hide this @GmaxWaluigi.

The fully evolved Pokemon in Black 2 that can learn Fly are: Crobat, Swoobat, Braviary, Mandibuzz, Sigilyph, Flygon, Archeops, Swanna, Volcarona, Tornadus, Thundurus, Landorus, Skarmory, Drifblim, Pelipper, Altaria, Delibird, Golurk, Hydreigon, Tropius, Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem, and Genesect.

You'll probably want it to have STAB, so this leaves us with: Crobat, Swoobat, Braviary, Mandibuzz, Sigilyph, Archeops, Swanna, Tornadus, Thundurus, Landorus, Skarmory, Drifblim, Pelipper, Altaria, Delibird, and Tropius.

Of these, many are not convenient to get, due to their location or their method of evolution. Eliminating those leaves us with: Sigilyph and Swanna. Let's weight them against each other.


- It's found at a decent point in the game, just after the third Gym.
- Wonder Skin and Magic Guard are both very solid Abilities.
- Quite fast and has a nice Special Attack.
- Learns other moves like Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, Psychic, Energy Ball, Air Slash, Reflect... the list goes on.

- It's really a far better special attacker, with a higher base stat and better special attacks.
- Quite frail.
- Absolutely pitiful Attack stat will leave it missing out on the KO if you use Fly in battle.


- Ducklett is found just before the Ground type leader, meaning that with a bit of grinding, you can bring in a powerful Swanna to combat him.
- Quite fast.
- Ducklett has a 100% encounter rate on Driftveil Drawbridge.
- Swanna can also learn Surf and Dive, making it a great HM slave.

- Swanna isn't that great in battle, due to below average stats in everything except Speed.
- It has a terrible movepool.
- The amount of grinding you would need to have one before Clay is a bit tedious.

Overall, I would say either Unfezant or Swanna. Unfezant is available early and uses Fly very well, while Swanna also gets Surf, which allows it to function as a reliable HM slave.

Now, you did say that any Pokemon Gens 1 - 5 is allowed, so I'll give you some more choices. I have no idea how difficult or easy these Pokemon are to obtain; I'm simply going based off their other merits.


- It's extremely fast.
- It uses Fly very well in battle, with a superior Attack stat.
- It also gets things like Strength, Crunch, and Iron Head.

- It's rather frail.
- It gets a lot of moves, but they're primarily Rock, Dark, Flying and Normal. The ones that aren't are low-powered or go off the Special Attack stat.

Hope I helped!

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There's multiple bottom floors. Go to the layout on https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Relic_Castle and try each room, I suppose.
By the way X, you may want to remove the parts about Unfeasant and Staraptor, the op said that he didn't want to use the regional birds(Pidgeot, Noctowl, Swellow, STARAPTOR, and UNFEASANT)
Good point, thanks.
Ok I will just do trial and error as the encounter tables in each room is vastly different
Good luck!
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Well, as for stats, Sigilyph has the highest BST at 490(I think, I checked a bunch of flying types from Gens 1-5) but, it has a weaker typing than most, as most are Normal Flying. It has even stats, except it also has very low attack, so I think that's out,
Aeryodactyl, has higher BST, incredibly high Speed and really good attack, unlike other flying types, its other stats are average, and it doesn't have a necisarily "weak" stat. As for movepool it has good movepool, with high power and a few stat moves, if you need stat moves.
Braviary and Mandibuzz are available in W/B respectivley, and they have amazing Stats, but I don't know which one you have, so I can't say, they both have great movepool.
I'd suggest using Aerodactyl or Braviary or Mandibuzz, depending on the game you have.
Honorable mentions areDragonite, and Salamance but they both have the same problem, they evolve in the 50s way too high! and their lower evolutions are weak.
The other flying types, either can't use fly(Gliscor as an example) or have lower stats, or not as good a movepool.

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I don't have that mod of B2W2, and I can't follow links, so how do I tell you where the aerodactyl is.
You could however, buy one at the antique shop with Join Avenue, if that's available in the mod, and then revive it at the fossil revive center.
Source:https://www.serebii.net/pokearth/unova/joinavenue.shtml scroll down to the antique shop.
It's labeled "Rock" I think, and it's the second one.
Hey thanks for giving all the effort to answer the question. Join Avenue isn't a bad idea.