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is it surprisingly important, will I use it a lot ingame? Or is it not too important? Because my current team doesnt have a Pokemon with fly. This is in White 2 btw.

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Unless you want to walk in order to backtrack... it doesn't matter if you want to fly or not. But yes it can be very useful if you want to save a lot of time.

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Is a fly HM slave good as well? Or is that too annoying?
It can be annoying to fly somewhere with a slave since you'd have to switch in a team member every time you want to use it.
Ok, then. I was debating whether to keep it this way, or going with Swanna, cause she knows both Fly and Surf. But I like Swanna, too. Thanks for the help.
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Fly is a very useful HM to have, not exactly important, but useful. It can be used to backtrack very easily. It can be useful in late game when you are trying to beat the Elite 4 and need to train. I suggest that you have a Pokemon on your team that can learn Fly.
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It's not demanded, is just a usefull move. But he is like watterfall, surf, cut, rock smash, strenght, etc. If you really want to use thoose moves in your standarth group of six, some of them could do greath in a fight, however most of them (all of them) is best suited for an HM especialist. A Pokemon that you catch only to use thoose moves. If you not want to use a flying type in your team, just catch one who can learn fly to use it only when you want to "teleport" from one city to another, you'l not gonna do this much, so when you are traveling to the next tow, going to places you didn't visit yet, just leave the Pokemon with the move fly in the box, and take him when you need to go to another city, after that, put him on the pc box again. Also, if you had a flying type in your team it would not be worth teaching him, fly, unless fly is the most powerfull and acurate flying move he can learn. For example, for a Staraptor, would be a waste, since you can learn bravebird, aerial ace and better moves later. Also for Pokemons like noctow, it would not be a good choice since his best stat is special atk and not attack.

Resume: You don't need a flying type on your main team, or a Pokemon learning flying, however is usefull teach flying to a secundary Pokemon, an HM especialist, then you can use only when you really need, like cut, strenght, rock climb etc.

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