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I’m about to fight Clair. My current Fly user is Togetic, but I don’t know how useful it will be until it evolves and it has a Jolly nature, which lowers its Special Attack

I don’t know if it’s worth using it. What should I do?

I want to avoid HM slaves, as Fly is something I’m going to be using all the time and I want to have it on me at all times. Should I keep my Togetic or exchange it?

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My best guess would be Fearow because you can get a Spearow that gains boosted experience.
In SS, fly's base power is 90, which is actually pretty good. The only flying attacks that are stronger are sky attack, aeroblast, and brave bird, and I don't consider sky attack "better" because it gives free turns to the opponent.

/ds4 gen<3,fly,all
Aerodactyl, Articuno, Charizard, Crobat, Delibird, Dodrio, Doduo, Dragonite, Farfetch'd, Fearow, Golbat, Ho-Oh, Hoothoot, Lugia, Mew, Moltres, Murkrow, Noctowl, Pidgeot, Pidgeotto, Pidgey, Skarmory, Smeargle, Spearow, Togetic, Xatu, Zapdos, Zubat

/ds4 gen<3,aeroblast,all
Lugia, Smeargle

/ds4 gen<3,brave bird,all
Crobat, Dodrio, Doduo, Golbat, Ho-Oh, Murkrow, Pidgeot, Pidgeotto, Pidgey, Skarmory, Smeargle, Zubat

So how exactly do "Most of the pokémons that can learn fly also can learn better flying moves"?

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I my opinion, the best fly user for HG/SS is Fearow. Crobat is great, but it has to go with friendship evolution which can get annoying. Also, you can get Kenya the Spearow from a guy and thus, since the Spearow is not yours, it gets boosted experience.

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Noctowl or Crobat are excellent choices for flying types in HG & SS.

Noctowl will probably be easier to obtain than Crobat considering where you are currently in game.

But honestly use whichever Pokemon helps you best for your team.

Good luck in the fight with Clair.

Hope I was of some help.

it's not only the fighting advantage. Crobat has better stats in every category except for in equal attack stat.
Okay I just calculated this. When I consider boosted experience, Fearow's return is over 4/3 as strong as Crobat's fly, and this power difference is even bigger before Crobat evolves. Why do resistances and stats like HP matter when both can outspeed and one-shot most (and for Fearow, a bit more) of their opponents? 100 speed is plenty for outspeeding almost everything. Crobat's extra 30 speed is rarely useful.

Also I think we're both starting to forget things, so I'll try to summarize what we've said so far.
evolves earlier
does more damage even after both evolve

better HP, defenses, and speed after evolving
more resistances
can learn haze
What do you mean by boosted experience?
If a Pokemon's OT isn't the player, then its experience gains get multiplied by 3/2. For many Pokemon, including Spearow and Fearow, level is the cube root of experience, so Kenya the Spearow levels up about 8/7 as much as Pokemon without boosted experience.
Oh ok. I guess You're right.