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Currently, I am trying to complete my Pokedex in Y for Shiny Hunting. However, I'm only about halfway there, and there are a few Pokémon that I need to level up in order to evolve. I have Pokemon Bank, so I can grind levels in OR if I need to. Right now, the best places in each game to grind for levels seem to be:

Y: Victory Road - Horde Encounters
OR: Sky Pillar - Horde Encounters

If there are better options, than I'd appreciate if I were informed on the best one. However, if these are the best options, which one is better of the two, in terms of giving me the most efficient method for gaining EXP? In addition, please note that I do not have access to the legendary Chansey or Blissey, as Chansey is locked behind a Friend Safari that I do not have (Happinys can be found in OR, however). For convienence, I'll list the Pokemon spwans in each location:

Y's Victory Road:

  • Geodude (Common) [Has Sturdy and gives least EXP]
  • Floatzel (Uncommon) [Gives most EXP out of the 3]
  • Lickitung (Rare)

OR's Sky Pillar:

  • Golbat (60% spawn) [Gives most EXP out of the 3]
  • Ariados (35% spawn)
  • Swablu (5% spawn) [Gives least EXP]

Also, in Y, I have a Bellossom that has Petal Dance, Acid, and Dazzling Gleam to do spread damage and hit every Pokémon (it also has Sweet Scent for the Horde Battles). While I can simply transfer it to ORAS, Golbat and Ariados resist all of my spread moves, which could be problematic. When I grind exclusively in ORAS, I normally have 1 slot for my Sweet Scenter, 1 for my attacker, and 4 for my Pokémon I'm leveling up. These 4 are worse than the 5 extra slots I have in Y, and an extra slot saves quite a lot of time when level up for Pokedex completion.

Out of these two locations, which one is the best? In addition, are there any places in Gen 6 that are better than either of the two mentioned? Please let me know if there is any more information you need to know.

Thanks, and sorry if this is more on the complex side.

Is it possible for you to access Blissey Secret Bases in OR? Those are far and away your best sources of experience, far better than the other two places you have listed.
Oh yeah, I forgot about those.  I’ll see how to get them, and if it’s possible for me to do those, then thats definitely the best option. Thanks!
Should I post that as an answer, or should i wait until you're sure you can do it?
I guess if you could wait a little, I will make sure in less that 10 minutes.  If I don’t say anything so  within an hour (which I should say something by then) feel free to post it no matter what.
Ok, I believe I can do the method, so feel free to make an answer off of it :)

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Well you wanted this in an answer, so here it is:

Between the two games, Blissey Bases in Omega Ruby are far and away your best sources of experience. You can easily gain tens of thousands of experience points in a single battle, at little to no damage done to your own Pokemon.

Hope I helped!

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