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Honestly, if you can get that Pokemon from any point in Pokemon X, before post-game, It'll be extremely helpful.
Im looking for a good flying type for my team~
Mienshao- lvl 52
Zoroark- lvl 52
Aegislash- Lvl 53
Garchomp- lvl 50
Delphox- 47 (Will most likely change)
I'm not interested in Talonflame, only because I've used him more than enough times, and I would really like a non- legenadry, but if that's what it boils down to, I will consider it. Could anyone help? And if possible, could someone trade me that specific Pokemon? Just ask me what you would like in return, and I can see if I have it in my Pokebank!
FC: 2509-3870-4409 (WubMachine or Meagan)

Staraptor every time

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I would say Hawlucha but it is part fighting, but it is pretty boss....unless you want a secondary dragon, that would be a Noibat which evolves into Noivern. If you don't want any of those, I think I might have a flying type you can use

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Thank you! Ill check Hawluchas stats and check it out! And sure! What type of Pokes do you have? I'll already be catching a Bagon, but while I'm training it, I'll need a back up!
in my X I do have a Charizard but he is nicknamed, and I have a timid Zubat
as for my AS, I have Talonflame, Tropius, a lv 100 Flygon with decent stats, Swellow, Altaria, Deino, Shelgon, a timid spanish Charmander, doduo (lol, I find it hilarious it can use fly), Drifblim, and Xatu.
Could I maybe trade for the Altaria? And the Shelgon? I have quite a few Pokemon I could trade back, any ideas what you would want in return?
I'm not really all that picky, if you have a cottonee or buneary then sure, but like I said, I don't really care. can we possibly do the trade tomorrow?
Sure! I have a couple of Bunearys! I'll bring along a few other just in case, and that's cool, but you maybe give me your FC for the trade tomorrow?
you can find my friend code on my profile
Okay, I've added you! I just have to go into Pokebank to get the Pokemon for trade ^^
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Highly recommend getting your hand in a Noibat because it can evolve into the awesome Noivern. They can be found in caves (they 'swoop' down from the shadowy spots). Swoobats can also be caught that way. Both of these have good speeds and special attack so you can sweep battles!

Other than that there's also Charizard which you can obtain by choosing Charmander after fighting Professor Sycamore and also you can get your hands on Bagon to evolve into Salamance. And of course you can get an Amber for Aerodactyl since he gets a mega evolution that Gen!

Honorable mentions are: Gliscor, Skarmory, and Staraptor!

Rabbitweiss, Thank you! I'll go find a Bagon and try and train it! Do you know if its an X or Y exclusive?