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So, I am playing Pokémon Y (not a run, nuzlocke or competitive playing, just for fun) and I beat the first gym. I got a special team to beat it:

Ace the Pidgey (lvl 13)
Felin the Fletchling (lvl 11) and...
Quacklin' the Farfetch'd (lvl 10)

I wanna diversify my team, I pretend to pick Bulbassaur when I reach Prof. Sycamore and my starter was Froakie. Which flying type could stay with me 'till I get my hand on an Emolga? What is a good early team in this game, in your opinion? Should I raise my Pikachu, too?

For last but not least, do you know a good and strong Ice-Type with big Sp. Attack?


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Keep Felin the fletchling, it will cover most of the weaknesses that greninja will make, as for an emolga a good idea is to keep both the fletchling and emolga as they will give you the edge in sky battles.

For the ice type, you get a free Amaura (pretty sure thats how you spell it) it has a good Sp.A stat as well as a decent attack so itll be alright as a mixed attacker, and because of its ability refrigerate you can slap on normal type moves as some ice type stab.

To get it follow this: http://www.wikihow.com/Get-an-Aurorus-in-Pokémon-X-and-Y

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Thanks! Your answer really would've helped me out if I wasn't so distracted, I wonder traded Felin, Ace and a Numel I got from wonde trading (level 33, he was pratically carrying on the team!) and then my team has lot of slots now, which is just sad :(