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I've restarted my SS, and I'm not sure what good flying-types are out there.
I can easily trade with other games to get other region Pokemon, besides Unova.
I'm currently doing some battling with some friends, what are some good flying-types?

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Well, I'm not gonna make a full-on moveset like everyone else does, just a list. :3
In no particular order...

Evolves into Togekiss, has a very unique movepool if you include TMs.
Don't underestimate adding a Magikarp evolution to your party. It has awesome stats. Watch out for it's x4 weakness to Electric though.
Use this as a last resort. Dratini can only really be found at Level 5, in Blackthorn, and can be incredibly hard to level up into a Dragonite.
I can't say anything positive about this Pokemon, since it can be annoying when it needs to be. However, it's another good last resort.
This is probably a good option since it can deflect you from those annoying yet extremely Electric-type moves and Steel-type moves that make you faint very quickly. Found pretty late in the game, though.
Again, another last resort. Noctowl doesn't have the best of stats, but has pretty high Sp. Def if you like bulky Pokemon. xD
These pesky bats can be very helpful when it becomes a Crobat. Crobat has 130 Speed, and 90 Attack. So it has just-over-decent stats, I guess.

Some of these Pokemon can appear late in the game, so I'd recommend keeping a(n) HM Slave for Fly. Like Pidgey or Hoothoot, whenever you can find one.

My real suggestion is Togepi or Gyarados, since both appear early in the game and when it comes to battling they can be pretty damn good.
Oh well, hope I helped. :)

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I would definitely have to recommend Skarmory and Crobat. Skarmory can take pretty much any physical attacks coming your way, and Crobat has extremely high speed and can dish out some damage as well. If you're going to use Legendaries, Lugia is an excellent choice, as it has incredible HP, defense, special defense, and speed, and can deliver some pretty lethal attacks and has a great move pool. Dragonite and Salamence are great choices as well (not much explaining needed here). Togekiss can also be a great choice. With Serene Grace or Super Luck as potential abilities, and great Special Attack and Special Defense, Togekiss can become a great member to your team.

Togekiss is a great choice. I had him in SS, did not regret it. >:)
a really good flying type is staraptor he's the only flying type pokemon in gen 4 that gets brave bird besides ho-oh
I've never used a Staraptor before (my Platinum has been continuously been corrupted :'( ), but I've seen just how powerful it can be through watching WiFi battles on YouTube