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Any flying type that can take special hits. It can either be a tank or wall and only include pokemon from gen 1-4


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Well if you count Legendaries Lugia may just be the greatest wall of all time. Great defenses all around with insane S.Defense. Good offenses and great speed. Even reliable recovery.

Altaria also makes a good special wall. Roost for recovery and plenty of support moves. This guy can be a defensive wall as well in Gen V with Cotton-guard.

Togekiss can do all kinds of things. It has good bulk with tons of support options, and even the Rest-Sleep-talk-Psycho-shift combo that PB uses on Deoxys(Defense).

Togekiss has to be my favorite flying type, Staraptor coming in second. I used it on my main team when I played through Platinum and Grass Knot on Togekiss is one of the smartest moves I ever made, along with going to the Move Freak and teaching it Air Slash and Aura Sphere (AURA SPHERE!!!!!!!!)Despite Grass Knot not being STAB, it pulled OHKO's on the Elite Four's (I forget her name) Golem and Whiscash.
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Mantine is the obvious one, having the highest Sp Def of all non-Uber Flying types. However, it also has a x4 weakness to Electric and below average HP.

If you will allow it, Togetic with Eviolite is a good wall.

Noctowl in my experience has made a suprisingly good. Wall. It has a solid HP and Sp Def stat and plenty of moves to use that help keep it alive.

Vespiquen has the move Defense Order and Heal Order, which would make it a good wall if not for its awful typing.

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Eviolite mantyke can be a somewhat usefull special wall.

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In Gen 8 OU, Mandibuzz can function as a Special, Mixed, or Physical Flying-type wall.

Mandibuzz @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Calm nature
Overcoat Ability
252 HP and SpD, 4 Spe/252 HP, 128 SpD and Def
-Knock Off

Mandibuzz has 95 SpD, 110 HP, and 105 Def base stats. It's great at support, with moves like Knock Off, Tailwind, and Taunt. You can Pivot with U-Turn to get out of sticky situations, like a threatening Ice type. Overcoat is a great ability, granting it immunity to Stun Spore/Sleep Powder/Weather chip damage.