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Since Lugia knows a lot of water type moves it should have been Water/Flying instead of Psychic/Flying.

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Rule 1 of Pokemon: Don't question Pokemon/Game Freak logic.

Lugia has a strange typing who's Pokedex constantly references the sea and storms. Even the TCG portrays it as a Water type. Maybe it was to make it's counterpart, Ho-Oh equal to it. Plus wouldn't you rather have it as a Psychic/Flying type instead?

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No, I'd rather it a water/flying. xD
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Because Gamefreak wanted it that way? Well, there probably was some reasoning behind it. Maybe they felt that being Water/Flying would give it an unfair advantage against Ho-oh, which was its couterpart in GSC. In its defence, it does get quite a few Psychic attacks as well, and it isn't the only one that could potentially be three types. Has anyone else ever been caught out thinking Beedrill and Venomoth were part Flying?

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