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In the Pokemon TCG, Lugia has had several appearances. Of these, 4-5 of them have been as a Water-type. Was this done on purpose, or are those mistakes made by The Pokemon Company.

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here
(Lugia Legend, Call of Legends Lugia, and a Promo Lugia - all Water-types)

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Exactly. There are Cradily and Bastiodon cards with fire weaknesses. And Palkia is sometimes weak to electric.
Lugia should've been a water and flying. It would've made sense since ho-oh is a fire and flying.
It's the same thing as all Rock types, isn't it? Since there is no "Rock energy" all rock types are made Fighting types. I also have a Bagon, Tailow and Baltoy that are all Fire types.
"See that flying bug? It's dragon ground type." (Vibrava)
"See that poisonous bug? It's ground flying type." (Gligar)
"See that dragon in the water? It's psychic flying type." (Lugia)
@sumwun: The TCG is made that way. Even fighting type lucario cards are weak to psychic type cards

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Pokemon tcg is different to the main Pokemon games.
The Pokemon are symbolised by one type symbols and the symbols can represent multable types.
Due to this, some types are missed out and for a type combo a separate as phychic flying type lugia, its hard to represent all its types. So they compensate by making it water type which makes sense for lugia, considering its body represents the flying and water being a third type.
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