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In the Pokemon TCG, Lugia has had several appearances. Of these, 4-5 of them have been as a Water-type. Was this done on purpose, or are those mistakes made by The Pokemon Company.

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here
(Lugia Legend, Call of Legends Lugia, and a Promo Lugia - all Water-types)

It's the same thing as all Rock types, isn't it? Since there is no "Rock energy" all rock types are made Fighting types. I also have a Bagon, Tailow and Baltoy that are all Fire types.
"See that flying bug? It's dragon ground type." (Vibrava)
"See that poisonous bug? It's ground flying type." (Gligar)
"See that dragon in the water? It's psychic flying type." (Lugia)
@sumwun: The TCG is made that way. Even fighting type lucario cards are weak to psychic type cards
these cards are sooooo fake.
@sumwun, they make all the weakness and resistances similar to keep the game balanced. Sableye and Spiritomb still have no weakness because their quite frail (usually) and it give incentive to use them early game.

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Pokemon tcg is different to the main Pokemon games.
The Pokemon are symbolised by one type symbols and the symbols can represent multable types.
Due to this, some types are missed out and for a type combo a separate as phychic flying type lugia, its hard to represent all its types. So they compensate by making it water type which makes sense for lugia, considering its body represents the flying and water being a third type.
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The Pokemon Company likes to make certain cards for reasons. The LEGEND cards represent elements, duets, not Types (necessarily); the Lugia and Ho-oh ones were mimicking the Entei and Suicune, as well as Fire-Water being way better than Normal-Water (TCG wise, and Psychic has a really common weakness); (the only Normal LEGEND card is Raquaza).

For Others Think about this: they all came out in the D/P/Pt/HG/SS era, right after the RSE era, where dual types, dual weakness/resistances, and Delta Species Pokemon were introduced. Delta Species Pokemon are different types than normal (Ex: Steel type Pikachu), so it would make sense to have a Lugia be on a Water Type Card for these reasons:

  • Lugia was a being of water, and they'd (most likely) never make a Delta Species Pokemon again.
  • Having a Water Type Lugia card would also make for more Versatility for Lugia itself. Normal type was only super effective to the scarce dragon normal types, and Psychic Lugia was weak to Psychic, which was (and still is) way more common than Water Lugia's Lightning (Electric) weakness.

TL;DR, Game Freak Logic and to increase viability of Lugia. Notably, HG/SS era is the last time they did such things.

(I refer to game time periods as eras of said game by habit.)

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