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In most versions there are at least 2 of each type. & there are a maximum of 8 -
- 2/3 water
- 2/3 normal
- 1 flying
- 1 fighting

Is this one of those game freak questions, if this is please tell me & I will hide it.


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Thats how they made it, so yes, its normal. :]

And as for this being one of those Game Freak questions, It pretty much is... but its Okay.

Also, Like Dt said in his comment,

Most HM's are meant to help you outside of battle,

By doing things like Cutting Down Trees, Smashing Rocks, and Sailing across Water.
So it's very normal that most HM's are Water Normal and Fighting type.

Also, they mainly serve as means of travel and using just the body. So those are typically normal (things like tackle use the body, whereas fighting type moves are more combat based), water, and flying.
Yeah, Most of the things HM's are used for are to help you out of battle, Like Smashing Rocks Cutting Trees and Sailling across water.