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I REALLY want to know.


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649, counting all forms of Pokemon as one. Now, if you count each form of every Pokemon (64) there will be 713 (Including awakened Mewtwo). Including all X and Y Pokemon that were revealed (26), there is 675 (Not including awakened Mewtwo).

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Before you downvote this. Mewtwo and Genesect. The only 'created' Pokemon. The rest are all natural >:D

No but seriously, there are 649 entries in the pokedex. 650 counting Victini. Counting alternate forms, add the therians, kyuremb/w, keldeo's alternate form, sky shamin, giratina's other one there are 658. There might be a couple more I neglected but yeah, over 650 Pokemon in total.
Also factor in the current 25 announced X/Y Pokemon.
After Pokemon X/Y comes out there will be well over 700 :D

Also, there's 649 including Victini.
really? ;o
There are more than that. I know Golurk and Porygon were made by humans.
;o never knew about golurk. porygon yeah mindblank
Isn't Castform also man-made?
You forgot the porygon line
well now that x and y is out 721 i think. also zygarde is a created pokemon.