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Why psychic types were incredibly powerful back in generation one:
- no actual weakness
- very high special
- incredibly good at using blizzard, psychic and amnesia, which were one of the best moves in the generation
- psychic types scare away fighting types (which are super effective against normal types, which were very powerful back then), so having a normal + psychic core was really good
- psychic types severely lowered the usage of anything weak to it, so if you have a Pokemon weak to poison or fighting, it would be very easy to cover the weakness
- the only type that resisted psychic was itself.
- some of the best Pokemon in the generation are psychic type

Why normal types were incredibly powerful back in generation one:
- no actual weaknesses
- very high attack (by generation one standards)
- incredibly good at using body slam, hyper beam, and earthquake, which were one of the best moves in the generation
- only rock and ghost types resisted normal, and they're all weak to earthquake, so normal Pokemon are able to overcome them
- okay special, so they can use blizzard to make rhydon and golem shiver in fear
- some of the best Pokemon in the generation are normal

Examples of amazing psychic type Pokemon (in generation one): Mew, Mewtwo, Exeggutor, Alakazam
Examples of amazing normal type Pokemon (in generation one): Tauros, Snorlax, Chansey


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It depends which format you're asking about. Normal was the best type in formats without Mew or Mewtwo, while psychic was obviously better when Mew and Mewtwo were allowed.
The two are very different, comparing the two in terms of overal would be a matter of opinion, because both things have their pro and cons in equally states and is quite oposite to one another. It would be easier if you want to compare them in terms of one particular aspect instead of overal, untill them there is no really a right answer, both people who say normal or pychic (or even both) would be right. (Because they have different playstyles, what is better for one is worse for another)
 In resume, in terms of overal they are equally related, have their pros and cons about the same, however the people who does more one thing than another will have a easy way playing with a particular type over one of thoose, but that doesn't mean that type is better in overal, it just mean that, for that person in particular this works better than the other.

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Thank you for your help! :D
You still haven't told me what format you're asking about.

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Pyschic is the most powerful type back then since there was a thing where ghost types couldn't hit psychic types so there only weak to bug, but since bug types was so weak back then it wasn't enough and with a Pokemon like alakazam could destroy the game with psychic or mewtwo with psychic and Add on the wacky mechs that can really make the game easy.

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The no wekanesses thing also applies to normal, as there were no good fighting attacks back then, so this doesn't explain why psychic was better than normal.
sumwun in ALL GENS normal cant do super affectiveness and normal types was REALLY good back then but they normal types can do super affectivnes so i didnt mention normal types. and you noticed you downvoted for no reason.
Poison and fighting Pokemon were so rare that psychic attacks were usually not super effective either. Also, the best normal Pokemon had such good stats that they don't need super effective attacks to be dangerous.