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For example, in gen 1 ghost psychic would have no weaknesses, are there any more?

Um... theres the obvious & infamous Ghost/Dark, and the one you mentioned, but other than that, I don't think there are any.
I'm pretty sure that in Gen 1, Normal/Ghost didn't have any weaknesses, but there aren't any Pokemon with that type combination

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• Dark/Ghost had no weaknesses until XY, when Fairy was introduced.
• As Sep said, a theoretical Normal/Ghost type would have had no weaknesses until Gold/Silver, when Dark was introduced.
• As of Sun/Moon the only Pokémon to naturally have no weaknesses are Tynamo, Eelektrik, and Eelektross, but this is due to an ability so it only partially counts.

That's it, from what I can tell. Psychic did actually have a weakness in Gen 1, Bug, but Bug was pathetic in Gen 1 so it effectively had no weaknesses.

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As Mega_Sceptile mentioned, though no Pokemon with the Normal/Ghost-typing exists, that Typing would've had no weaknesses in Gen 1. Technically this can also be said for Water/Dragon, as in Gen 1, the only Dragon-type Move was Dragon Rage, which does fixed damage.

And as Squaaaaaaaaw mentioned, through Gens 2-5, Dark/Ghost had no weaknesses as well, and let to the lovely Wonder Guard Sableye & Spiritomb. (Fun fact: In Gen 4, Fire Fang could still hit anything with Wonder Guard like normal.)

Those are the only exceptions as far as I know, but if not, feel free to tell me. :V

Oh, I didn't consider Water/Dragon. Good catch.
Wow, never saw this. Thanks. Only reason I knew was because I was turboing through Blue to get Pokemon for a Stadium playthrough.