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In RBY there was an item called exp all which gave exp to all Pokemon in the party, much like exp shares in XY-USUM. Then in gen 2 it was replaced with an item called the exp share which only gave exp to the pkmn who participated in the battle and the pkn holding the exp share. Then in gen 6 the exp share got a buff making it like the exp all in gen 1.
So my question is why was the exp all removed if it was brought back in gen 6. Why did they remove it only to bring it back 5 gens later?

Maybe they thought the exp. all was unbalanced or hard to control, and then a few years later they changed their minds.
I’d imagine that making the game approachable to newbies would be a factor. I think we sometimes lose sight of the fact that many newcomers to the franchise will be young kids who would best power-level the entire game.

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I'm not sure if there's a 'source' for this question but if someone else wants to answer after me and give statements or whatever then you put more effort into this than me :P.

A few things to remember, firstly Gen 1 was hectic and unbalanced, pretty much completely. Entire, huge mechanics that are now heavily associated with the game didn't exist yet. I'm guessing the rate that you picked up EXP wasn't huge concern for Game Freak at the time.

However, the games became more and more balanced (arguable) as the times went on, and Game Freak put more consideration into the flow of the game, and how quickly you progressed. They wanted it to be more difficult, or require you to grind longer and work harder if you wanted an easier fight. This is speculation but a lot of the NPCs who give you the EXP share mention that it's 'good for raising weak Pokemon', which I'm guessing was their main intention at this point - to allow you to just train and practice while levelling up super under levelled Pokemon so that they could catch up.

What changed in Gen 6? Game Freak / The Pokemon Company wanted to shift to a more competitively oriented game. They wanted more people to compete online and to take part in events like Nationals and Classics. The EXP system supports this, by allowing trainers to level up and try out more Pokemon within a reasonable amount of time compared to training 2 at a time. This is also why they buffed certain breeding items like the Destiny Knot.

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