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I know they both give EXP to every Pokémon in the party, do they work differently or are they the same? Would like to know the math if possible.


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The EXP Share gives the Pokemon who participated in the battle all the normal experience they'd get and gives all the others who didn't participate half the EXP they'd normally get if they defeated the opponent by themself. The EXP All gives the Pokemon who participated half the EXP it normally would and distributes the rest evenly among all other members of the party.

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To clarify - if one Pokémon is used in battle from a team of 6, the EXP all would give 50% to the Pokémon used and 10% to the others, a total of 100%. Whereas the EXP share gives 100% to the Pokémon used and 50% to every other Pokémon, a total of 350%. So turning the EXP share on in these circumstances results in levelling up 3.5x faster?
Yep, that's exactly right.
That means  if i have less pokemon in the party, they'l gain more xp, than a full party of six? Or they all gain the same amout even if was less pokemon in the party?