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Pokemon Yellow

  • You start off with a Pikachu, and it walks with you outside of it's
  • Your rival starts with an Eevee
  • The 3 normal Kanto starters obtained later in the game.
  • No wild Pikachu able to be found
  • Cry of Pikachu is different
  • Rival evolves Eevee depending on your actions
  • Different in-game trades
  • Friendship is implemented. Pikachu will also refuse to evolve
  • Surfing Pikachu minigame is included. But you need to teach Pikachu Surf, wich will need Pokemon Stadium.
  • You can't catch the Pokemon that team Rocket is using, or their evos.

Pokemon Red & Blue

  • You can obtain the regular Kanto starters
  • Rival chooses Pokemon that your starter is weak to.
  • Not based on the anime
  • More glithes
  • Different in-game trades
  • You can catch Pikachu and Raichu
  • No Surfing Pikachu game >:(

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