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Like does Hyper Beam always need to recharge unlike in RBY? Stuff like that.

Thanks in advance.


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Bulbapedia says this

General changes include:
-The duration of sleep is reduced to 1-3 turns.
-If a Pokémon defeats an opposing Pokémon with a recoil move, the Pokémon does not suffer recoil damage.
-An immobilized Pokémon can still select a move.
-Consecutive moves such as Wrap end when the target switches out.
-All status conditions and HP-draining moves have no effect against a substitute.
-If a Pokémon is fully paralyzed during the invulnerable turn of Dig or Fly, the move resets.
-When a paralyzed Pokémon's Speed stat is modified, its Speed reduction is no longer nullified.
-After a move which causes self-inflicted confusion (e.g. Thrash) ends, the game will display a message stating that the target is confused.
-The variable that determines the last damage dealt is reset whenever a Pokémon switches, is fully paralyzed, or uses a two-turn move.
-Recovery moves no longer fail when the difference between a Pokémon's current and maximum HP is 255 or 511.
-Critical Hit ratio is changed to (BaseSpeed + 76) / 1024*.
-The stat modifiers for accuracy and evasion were changed.
In addition, the following moves were changed:
-Acid (has a 33% chance to lower defense instead of 10%)
-Aurora Beam (has a 33% chance to lower attack Instead of 10%)
-Bide (now misses when used on Pokemon who are using Fly, Dig, or something similar)
-Bubble (has a 33% chance to lower speed instead of 10%)
-Bubble Beam (has a 33% chance to lower speed instead of 10%)
-Counter (switching and full paralysis reset the last damage done)
-Disable (triggers the move rage only if it hits)
-Focus Energy (crit lowering effect was fixed)
-Haze (now eliminates any major status ailment)
-Hyper Beam (forces recharge every time it's used)
-Mimic (does not copy a move's maximum PP)
-Mirror Move (copies multi turn moves on either turn they are used)
-Transform (does not work on Ditto)
-Substitute (always blocks status moves used on it, Self-Destruct and Explosion kill their users if used on a substitute)
-Recoil-Inflicting Moves (do not inflict recoil if the move knocked out a Pokemon)


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