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With the new Fairy type and typing chart in Gen VI, things have changed quite a bit, such as the Ghost/Dark type Pokemon Sableye and Spiritomb not being fully resistant anymore.

As of Gen VI, would it be possible for a Pokemon to have no weaknesses? if there was a Pokemon with absolutely no weaknesses, what typings could that Pokemon have?

Also, I'm not looking for typing and ability combinations, such as Eelektross' Levitate ability and Electric type.

This is also a hypothetical situation, and all the type combinations you'll need to find won't be found on any Pokemon that currently exist.


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There aren't any - every dual Pokémon type has at least one weakness, the only dual type which didn't have a weakness was Dark/Ghost prior to Generation VI. But since Fairy types were released in Generation VI, Dark/Ghost type's now have 1 weakness.


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I guess the tables have turned.