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I have a pokemon team for Soul Silver. Here it is so far. Im only at the fifth gym too.

Croconaw- lv 27
Flaffy-lv 26
Kadabra-lv 26
Machop-lv 26
Growlithe- in an egg

I would like to acquire a pokemon that can learn the HM Fly, but I want it to be a pokemon that could be in my party for the rest of the game. Any Suggestions?

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Your best bet, would probably be noctowl or gligar as for movesets http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/4710/what-is-a-good-moveset-for-noctowl
but for gligar I couldnt find a moveset maybe you can :)

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A crobat mabye , that is the one I used for pokemon heartgold

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I think pidgeot is the best you can get so far so get a pidgey or pidgeyotto and then evolve it

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I think farfetche'd is a good one because it can learn fly, cut and false swipe

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