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My Sceptile
252 Atk 252 Spd 4 Def
Swords Dance
Leaf Blade

Now since the type gems arnt in ORAS, I can't use my Flying Gem, so what consumable would be good for my Sceptile?

Yep. Sceptile gets Drain Punch.
Nice! What should I swap out though? Leaf blade is obv stab, need swords dance, acrobatics doubles with item gone and get grass bug fighting etc and earthquake get fire etc
I was actually thinking of getting rid of SD, cuz Weakness Policy gives you a free one anyway..
Thing is, he won't survive majority of super effective moves
Endure exists for a reason. Endure, Drain Punch, Leaf Blade, Acrobatics.

2 Answers

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Stirus Berry or Leichi Berry

You can't always get your Focus Sash off because of things like hazards being so common. You're better off running a Sitrus Berry to make yourself more likely to be able to use it up or if you're using a Leichi Berry, drop SD for Substitute and spam Substitute until you activate your berry based attack boost.

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Focus Sash

Unburden + Focus Sash = Ultimate combo! Also allows you to killTalonflame if you have a Rock-type move.
Hope this helps!
-It's a secret!

this strategy wont always work.
Yeah I was thinking of this but it's the priority moves and moves that won't actually activate the sash that will be a prob
I'll be honest, Mega and LO variants are awfully more promising than Unburden ones. Just talking from personal experience.