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it is a Dragon-dancer with E-quake, ice-punch, and waterfall and the ability is sheer force. I use it on PO. I normally use leftovers so as to give it time to set-up. Is there a better option?

How did you get a feraligatr with a hidden ability? I thougt that you could only get it via dream world and I don't think you can catch it there so how did you get it?
If you decide to use Life Orb you should use Bulldoze instead of Earthquake since it wouldn't have recoil
it is PO

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Leftovers is a good option, since it gives recovery. If you get into a nice sweep, then leftovers can bring up your health nicely. However, if you are able to take hits, I say go with the Life Orb. If it can take hits, and you can get up one or two Dragon Dances, it should be able to outspeed most pokemon besides ones like Speed Deoxys, Jolteon, etc. Sheer Force also takes away the recoil from the Life Orb as well, I believe.

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i think thats not true. The ability sheer force only takes away recoil damage from attacks.
The life orb is an item that gives more power to attacks, but it reduces HP however.
"If a Pokémon with Sheer Force is holding a Life Orb and uses an attack that would be boosted by Sheer Force, then the move gains both boosts but the user does not receive the Life Orb recoil damage."-Bulbapedia

Damage from life Orb is negated when a pokemon with sheer force uses it.