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On the one hand Waterfall can flinch the target, but Liquidation can lower the target's def.


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If you are playing SM, go up with waterfall. Since feraligatr only learn liquidation by move tutor.
If you are playing USUM, it depends on its ability. If it is torrent, give it waterfall for flinching, if sheer force, give liquidation for power.

Btw Sheer Force is better tbh Torrent sucks lol
But only a few of people have SF feraligatr.
it's easy to get if you can transfer from Gold/Silver/Crystal VGC games.
But how many people have GSC and bank?
If you want a competitive Feraligatr you need a SF one or else your screwed: Waterwall Torrent Feraligatr is going to do terribly in competitive