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Which one is better? Or what about dive?

Is this ingame or competitive? Because Surf/Scald/Water Spout are better for Blastoise competitively and Feraligatr's best Water STAB is Waterfall. Dive straight up sucks.

2 Answers

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Aqua Tail, 90 power, 90 accuracy

Waterfall 80 power, 100 accuracy ( 20% flinch but both Pokemon are to slow for it to matter)

both physical attacks

Aqua tail is tempting, but the 10% chance of a miss happens a lot more often then you would think.

Waterfall is better. However Blastoise is really more of a special attacker...

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Waterfall for Feraligatr. Blastoise is a special attacker, generally, so scald or surf would be better alternatives. If you are using physical atk though, go with waterfall. Hands down.