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I’m currently playing Pokémon Crystal and realised I can get Curse on my Feraligatr. I’m going to send this to later generations using Pokémon Bank and Home so I’m wondering, do I use the TM now and have Curse for later games, or stick with good ol’ Dragon Dance.
This is for a team for online battles.

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What game are you using the Feraligatr? I'm assuming the Gen 7 games, but just to make sure.
It’s for BDSP
Also I know Gen 9 isn’t out but I’m going to use it in future generations
BDSP singles, right? Or is this some kind of Pokemon Showdown! format (eg. BDSP OU).
Wait, is this for in-game or competitive?
@Kiawe It looks like it's most probably in-game rather than PS! competitive (BDSP OU), please make sure before editing.
@Cristal they just edited it. They said OU before.
That’s true, I was dumb
I did have OU beforehand but I didn’t no what that was
Researched and changed what I said
@Snorlx11 You're good, confusions arise.
@Kiawe It was very clear from what they originally posted that it isn't for competitive. I don't know where the latter came from.

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Personally, I think Dragon Dance Feraligatr is better.

The reason for this is that Feraligatr's base Speed (78) is high enough to make it worth while to speed it up, but not low enough that it'll make no difference (as in the case of Avalugg, or Ferrothorn).

Further, Feraligatr is not bulky enough to withstand multiple (super effective) special attacks when it's slower than its opponents which will try to revenge kill it.

Besides, both Grass and Electric moves are more likely to be Special based, so raising your defense makes no difference. It's better therefore to raise your speed and try to sweep than risk being revenge KOed.

I do want to stress this: Sheer Force Feraligatr is much, much better than Torrent Feraligatr, so if you're serious about transferring it all the way from Crystal, then that's something you should keep in mind. The best set imo is a Sheer Force Feeligatr with Life Orb, having the moves Dragon Dance, Waterfall, and any two of Aqua Jet, Ice Punch, and Crunch.

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Thanks dude
A question though,
Won’t Sheer Force negate the priority of Aqua Jet
Just wondering
And looking at Sheer Force I’m definitely going to need an Ability Patch :)
Aqua Jet isn't affected by Sheer Force, no.
Glad I could help ^_^

And as Kiawe said, priority moves are not affected by Sheer Force.
I thought all Pokemon transferred from Crystal to the newer games have their hidden abilities regardless of whether you use the ability patch.
Wait actually?
Just searched it up and wow that’s a life saver :)