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I've recently gained access to the two locations to catch Gible and I was wondering which move is more viable when it evolves: Iron Head or Iron Tail? Both are good Fairy- and Ice-type coverage so I want to know which move is more suitable for my future Garchomp. :)

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What are you using the Garchomp for? Is it for your playthrough, or competitive battles? If competitive, what format/ rules apply?
Iron Head has more reliable accuracy so I’d go for that but you choose what's the best for you
Would this be considered a duplicate of this question or no because this one's for BDSP, while the other one (I assume) is for Gen 6?
Pretty sure it wouldn't be, the generation is different, thus changing the overall choices slightly. Though over here Iron Head might be the best choice.
Iron Head is better. 100% accuracy with a 30% chance to flinch, these fill up the only drawback being 20 less base power.

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First let's take a look at both moves.

Iron Head -
Base 80 power
100% accuracy
Has 30%chance to flinch

Iron Tail
Base 100 power
75% accuracy
Has 30% chance to lower Defense

It may seem like Iron Tail is better but Iron head is 'superior' to Iron Tail for one main reason:
Accuracy is important because if you are In a close match against an Ice-/Fairy-type, Iron Head can get you the win because it is accurate. Iron Tail is not accurate hence you may lose.

Hence here Iron Head is the better move for your Garchomp.

Source for Iron Tail
Source for Iron Head

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