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It has waterfall, aerial ace, and dig. Adamant nature. Razor claw for more critical hits.

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Neither, honestly

I would use a different set and item for Feraligatr, which is below:

Feraligatr @Life Orb
Trait: Sheer Force
Adamant Nature
EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Spe, 4 Hp
- Earthquake; Much, much better than dig, and covers electric types more easily
- Waterfall; Keep it, it's really good
- Ice Punch; Covers Dragons and Grass types, plus really useful at times
- Dragon Dance; Start your engine and win the race

If Feraligatr has Sheer Force, Dragon Claw won't get a boost from it, which isn't good. Plus if you have Life Orb and Sheer Force, using Shadow Claw will get you LO damage. Sure Shadow Clawson covers Ghosts and Psychics, maybe, but that's it. Other pokes are good at that. Not Feraligatr. Dragon Claw is useless for this Gatr, since ice punch covers dragons and grass types, so don't use it.

Hopefully this answers your question
Hope I helped!(ish)

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Shadow Claw isn't boosted by Sheer Force, just saying :P
Shadow Claw has a high crit ratio, so SF boosts it right? SF is always confusing :P
Nope, higher crit ratio isn't considered a beneficial effect... by the game anyways. So no, Sheer Force doesn't boost it.
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Each move has its own advantages and disadvantages. It depends upon the other members of your team and the type of Pokemon that your opponent has.

If your Pokemon team lacks Ghost moves, then go for Shadow Claw. If you need Dragon moves, then go for Dragon Claw.

Just remember that Ghost-type moves cannot affect Normal types and Dragon-type moves cannot affect Fairy-types (if you're playing the latest Generation).

But if you're playing the Generation without Fairy-types then I'd say Dragon Claw, since most Elite Four members usually have at least one Dragon-Type user and unlike Shadow Claw, Dragon Claw can damage any type of Pokemon before Fairies came along.

This is very true!
Somebody misses the old days..
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Well... first, I must say I hope you have a plan for Dig. It really sets you up for bad switch ins.

On that note, however... Shadow claw gives you more coverage. Dragon Claw is generally going to be useless, because most Dragon targets are faster than Feraligatr and many sport Thunderbolt or Thunder Punch.