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I've been wondering which move my Garchomp should have Dragon Claw or Slash? (or perhaps Brick Break)


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If it already has a dragon move, use Brick break.

If not, use Dragon Claw, it gets STAB ( Same type attack bonus ) which gives it a 50% power boost.

Although, having more than one move of the same type is generally a bad idea, unless used in a very strategetical way.

So, in short.

  • No Dragon moves = Dragon Claw

  • Already have dragon move = Brick Break

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Depends on your moveset. Dragon Claw is STAB, and is perfect if yo don't have a Dragon Move. Slash...is not that preferred, it doesn't offer much coverage. Brick Break is good, as it covers that nasty 4x Ice weakness.

Wow, looks like you answered right after I started typing :]