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I do not know if I should use outrage or d-claw for my garchomp so any help would be nice.I want to destroy my cousons dragonite so idk if outrage with perism berry or d-claw and somthing to boost speed.


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I actually would go for both Dragon Claw and Outrage.
Outrage can be easily countered due to the large amount of Defensive steels. Use Dragon Claw if you are unsure if your opponent has a counter to Outrage. When all Steels have been removed by your teammates, go spam Outrage.

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My moveset tho for garchomp is brick break,sandstorm,outrage and earthquake.
Sandstorm is a pretty bad move on Garchomp. Try a Tyranitar or a Hippowdon to set up Sand for you with their ability.
Ok no sandstorm.How would crunch stone edge or fire fang work?
I would go for Dragon Claw, Outrage, Earthquake, Stone Edge / Fire Fang.
Ok so my new moveset is gonna be outrage, earthquake, brick break and stone edge. ty for the help.
My Moveset is
Aqua Tail
Fire Fang
Dragon Claw
From a coverage-based point-of-view, I'd give it Iron Head as a move tutor move, Dragon Claw and Earthquake as TMs, and something filler (maybe Sandstorm because of its Sand Veil ability).

Iron Head would cover for Garchomp's weaknesses to Ice and Fairy.
Dragon Claw would cover for its weakness to itself as well as provide STAB.
Earthquake would just provide STAB.
Sandstorm would aid in its Sand Veil ability.
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Outrage. Go with outrage. With 120 power, high accuracy, and 10 PP(sort of, it's actually 20-30 because it's used multiple times) it's a lot better than Dragon Claw. Plus a lum berry fixes the confusion problem.

Yeah, Ferro is way too bulky. But I suppose Garchomp is carrying Fire Fang, so I don't keep my Ferro in.
At +0, Fire Fang won't even KO Ferro.
But a few will. plus garchomp has high attack and defense due to it enig a pswado legendary.
What does defense have to do with KOing Ferro lol
To save garchomp from steel hits.
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GO FOR DRAGON CLAW! I've got an Garchomp too and it's Dragon Claw works awesomly with Swords Dance! Outrage will confuse it and sometimes its not too great if you want to use other moves in battle for type advantages.

More info:
Garchomp @ dragon claw
Dragon claw
Swords Dance
Dragon Rush/Stone Edge

Dragon Claw @ Swords dance is awesome since S-Dance increases attack stat. two times in a row.
Earthquake for those annoying electrick types and others (Powerful too)
Dragon rush (Extremly powerful with S-Dance) or Stone Edge to smash those birds! (Awesome with S-Dance too)

Hope I helped!