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it doesn't have that good accuracy but decent power. for me it is kinda like its signature, even though it is not.


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Are you asking whether to use it or not? Because if so I would opt not to. For 100 base power the accuracy is not great. Dargon Claw is very reliable and only slightly less powerful. Alternatively Outrage will much harder at the cost of being locked in.

I and any other would use Outrage.

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Not necessarily any
Anybody would with any decent sense what so ever xD
I personally am not a fan of Outrage. I don't like to be locked in and I don't like to have confusion.
Nah, it's about the effect. Rush is rare in that it's a dragon move that can flinch. If luck is on your side, Rush can mercilessly hammer an opponent. It's kinda like iron tail like that. If it hits ya, you'll feel it, but as a tactical choice there are better ideas. Now if Druddigon learned it, the move would really be something to worry about.
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No, Garchomp has better moves to be using. For all Dragon Rush is worth, it's better to use Outrage instead since it'll last at least 2 moves, has a higher base power, and 100% accuracy.

If you want a move that doesn't confuse it, go for Dragon Claw. 100% accuracy and 80 base power is decent. Having a base attack of 130, Garchomp doesn't need the extra 20 base power Dragon Rush gives for lower accuracy.

Garchomp @ Choice Band
Ability: Rough Skin
EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Speed, 4 HP
Nature: Jolly
- Dragon Claw
- Outrage
- Earthquake
- Fire Fang

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I notice there are fine answers here, but I'd like to give my opinion.

I myself think it is a good option for Hone Claws sets and Salamence is the only Poke I see that could possibly pull it off. (Note that Hone Claws on a Salamence is quite rare so it's not the most popular set in the world.) Garchomp could use D-Rush effectively but it could also be the reason your Garchomp dies, or maybe even you losing. Try Dragon Claw or Outrage, Outrage being the move I'd choose.

Unless Garchomp is given Yache Berry, one non-STAB Ice Beam will OHKO it. Heck even two Icy Winds from a non-choiced, not boosted Keldeo will KO Garchomp.
thanks. nice answer
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Here's my strategy for Garchomp. First, send out a tank that knows Baton Pass and Hone Claws. Abuse Hone Claws to the point of insanity. Baton Pass Garchomp in. Now, Garchomp has a fueled-up Dragon Rush with acceptable accuracy.