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I'm planning on teaching my Garchomp the following moveset.

Garchomp @ Bright Powder
Trait: Sand Veil
EVs: 252 Atk/ 167 Spd
Nature: Jolly/ Adamant

•Dragon Rush
•Stone Edge

The idea is to set up a Sand Stream/ Sandstorming tank, have it abuse Hone Claws, then Baton Pass Garchomp in. That would give it “100” accuracy for Dragon Rush and Stone Edge, enhancing sweeping capabilities behond belief.

Feel free to critique the moveset the best way you can. Any suggestions are welcome.

I know Double Team is banned occasionally, but don't be afraid to include it or suggest if for another team member

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I like the concept, just keep in mind that bright powder, sand veil and sometimes garchomp itself is banned from competitive play.

Garchomp, despite having naturally good coverage with his stabs, he is still walled by a few Pokemon, most notably skarmory and bronzong and the other ground neutral or resistant steel types. That's why I suggest either fire blast or fire fang to hit these Pokemon. Here's arguments for both:

Fire fang:
-hits off garchomp's stronger attack stat
-power boosted by hone claws

Fire blast:
-accuracy boosted by hone claws
-hits steel types on their typically weaker special defense
-garchomp has a decent base 80 sp atk

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bro bro BRO! don't forget about ice types a greninja with protean getting a STAB ice beam on a garchomp can be deadly dangerous with a good chance of death
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Fire Fang, Aqua Tail, Iron Tail and Brick Break are all good options for coverage.

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Well, I'll make the most of critiquing your Pokemon. :3 xD

First, replace Dragon Rush with Draco Meteor. It's 140 damage, and it will work very well against anyone. Considering the fact of the loss of Sp. Atk though is something to consider though. I don't really care about stats. My Pokemon can do anything without them. xD

Then, my three options are Flamethrower or Fire Blast. Flamethrower has the perks of having higher accuracy than Fire Blast, with an even hit of 100 damage. However, Fire Blast is 140 (I think, something high like that though) with an accuracy of 85. I've played the game with Fire Blast in my moveset, and I did not regret. So there, if you like accuracy, go Flamethrower. If your fore for attack, go Fire Blast.

Else, this is a minor option, pick Rest. It's good when needed, and you can hold something like a Lum Berry to stop it. Just a minor option.

Good Luck. :)

Thank you for your critique. I wasn't clear of this in my original post, but I was going for a more physical moveset.
I just can't feel comfortable with this move set in competitive play, it might work for you in-game, but as far as online goes, it seems like you would be at a critical disadvantage using a move set like this with Garchomp, try using it with a dragon type more accustomed to special attack like Hydreigon or Altaria
This is very good competitively. Although I like Outrage over Draco Fire Blast is a fantastic option. Garchomp's base 80 Special Attack is decent and Fire Blast hits Skarmory or other physically defensive steel types for more than Fire Fang.
I think a good moveset would be

Iron Tail- Despite the low accuracy, it helps deal with Garchomp's two main weaknesses (Ice & Fairy)

Earthquake- High power and STAB. If used in double/triple battles make sure your partner Pokémon are either flying type or have the levitate ability.

Dragon Rush- Like Iron Tail low accuracy (75%), but a good STAB move, plus it may even make the target flinch

Outrage or Hone Claws- (Outrage) Great power, and 100% accuracy, but unless you're holding a Persim Berry or Lum Berry, you'll get confused after using it. Its also not a very good idea to lock yourself into one move.

(Hone Claws)- Increases Garchomp's already monstrous attack stat, and it also helps Iron Tail and Dragon Rush have a higher chance of hitting.