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I'm training a Crustle in Black 1 and he wants to learn Rock Wrecker.
Should I teach it to him?


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Most probably not, however there is some choice to it.
Similarly to Giga Impact, Rock Wrecker requires a recharge on the second turn, which is never a good option for a Pokemon who cannot use this strategically; Crustle. This is a major drawback, as Crustle will struggle to take a common-in-game special Water move effectively due to its lower Special Defense. However, if it is likely to take a physical hit, Crustle should wall that off with it's impressive Physical bulk, considering the turn Crustle can't use. Thankfully this time, Rock Wrecker receives STAB benefit, giving it no disadvantage in typing when compared to other options such as Rock Slide. However, it's below-reliable 90 accuracy is not a good thing; however Rock Slide also has 90 accuracy, making it stand out more. And other than Rock Slide, Crustle's Rock movepool is extremely shallow, so it's not like it has more of an option for accuracy. Thankfully it has access to X-Scissor, which has not got any drawback effect and a decent 80 power makes it a good alternative of Rock Wrecker.
The choice is yours; reliable with decent power or unreliable with massive power.

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thanks, I didn't teach him it. Gave SP the ba. Maybe next time. :) I'll upvote you.
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if you have a space in your moveset free, i would give it Rock Wrecker to kill of the last pokemon on your opponent's team, or if you now Crustle will die in the next turn.
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No with 90% acc. and a recharge the next turn Crustle might not make it, its safe to say stay with the moves you got.

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