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I'm trying to get a good RU sweeper with Shell Smash, unfortunately there are only two: Crustle and Omastar. I know that Crustle is physical and Omastar is special, but would physical or speical be a better sweeper in the RU tier?

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Both of these Pokemon can shine if put on the right team. Here are the pros and cons of these two Pokemon:

Omastar (Omastar Pokedex)

"Siiiigh" Well the biggest downfall on this guy is no Sturdy! In competitive battling this says you need to use a Focus Sash. He also has a poor 55 Base speed. This just screems, put him on a rain team! If he is on a rain team, use Swft Swim. If he is not use Weak Armor. He also has 4 weaknesses. 1 is 4x.

He has a great attack stat which makes him a deadly sweeper if he is able to set up. He als has a great movepool featuring plenty of Water and Rock moves with a sprinkling of Dark/Ground/Ice moves with a lot of great status moves such as Toxic, Toxic Spikes,and Iron Defense.

Crustle (Crustle Pokedex)

A pitiful 45 base speed. Only 3 weaknesses but only steel can be covered. Last, a weak attack stat of 95. Not many cons on this guy.

He has Sturdy!! "WhooWhoot" He has a huge movepool mostly rock moves but with a lot of other stuff in here. He has the basic bug moves and a few Ground and Dark moves. Some great moves such as Counter, Poison Jab, and Endure.

Overall, Crustle has less downfalls but Omastar has a great Sp.Atk stat making him a better sweeper if on an appropriate team. My opinion, take a look at his and decide.

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Ummm, Rock can easily be covered with Earthquake.
That, an Water can be covered with Solarbeam.  TMs make for easy Crustle coverage.

Ingo's Crustle is a derp.  I hate that thing.  It KO'd my Lucario before I could use the 2nd Flash Cannon.
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Depends on your team. I prefer to use Omastar but Crustle is just as good. If you already have a grass weakness Crustle is the best option. But if you have rain up go for a Swift Swim Omastar. Weak Armour Omastar is good to.

I haven't figured out my team yet, I wanted to have a SS lead >.<
Why was this down-voted?!
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Well if its Rain definitely go for Omastar. If you need Psychical pokemon of course go for Crustle.  I like them both and you could use both XD
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Crustle,he has high power and with stab rock blast/wrecker and stab x-scissor,he is unbeatable.

Aqua Jet :3
Giga drain :3
crustle cant learn Giga drain :3
Other Pokemon :I
then you just lost your shell smash boost and your sturdy making crustle useless