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which is better

dragon claw- 80 base damage 120 with STAB 100 accuracy and 15pp.

outrage-120 damage 180 with STAB 100 accuracy 10pp and forces to be used 2-3 times in a row after 2-3 turns of it being used you get confused.

dragon rush- 100 damage 150 with STAB 75 accuracy 10pp and has a 20% to make flinch.

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Dragon Claw

100% Accuracy and good power can be reliable in tight situations and is a generally nice move

Dragon rush probably isn't ideal as that Accuracy drop for a little bit more Power isn't worth it in my opinion. A miss can be a matter of Win or Lose in some situations

Fairies can troll you with Outrage and then Revenge-Kill you back. Outrage can also easily be walled by Steel Types. If you can clear all the Pokemon that could wall Outrage and then send out Garchomp then it isn't too bad.

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It depends on what item it has.
Use Outrage if it has a scarf, because it's locked into a move anyways. Use Dragon Claw or Dragon Rush if it has a Wide Lens, because they are both pretty powerful moves (honestly I see Stone Edge on a lot of Garchomps, and it will benefit as well).
With the Garchompite, it should be Dragon Claw or Outrage because Dragon Rush isn't really reliable without Wide Lens. In my opinion, I would use Outrage because of the sheer power, but you may want to use Dragon Claw if you don't want to be locked into a move.

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what if i give it garchompite what move do i give?
Also on nature/EV's. If you're trained for speed, you'll need the extra power of Outrage. If you're trained for attack, you may want the control of Dragon Claw. I think the general consensus though is the poor accuracy of Dragon Rush makes it a poor choice compared to the other two choices
Then again - encore+fairy=screwed