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I need a dragon type for my Ultra Moon team. I've already cleared the Elite Four but I find Garchomp very underwhelming right now.

Each of them is better at some things than the other and worse in another, the best for you will depend on what do you want to do with each. What exaclly you want to do?

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-Can mega evolve.
-Can learn Sword Dance.
-Its base stats is 600.
-Good physical attacker.
-Can learn many good moves.
-4x weak to Ice Shard.
-Outsped by other faster Pokemon.
-Can't hit some defensive Pokemon without Sword Dance.
-Not easy to train.
-its SpA is good.
-Can learn Boomburst, Hurricane, Draco Meteor.
-Has access to Roost.
-Fastest Dragon type.
-Can't take much hit.
-4x weak to Ice.
-Can't hit Chansey and other special defensive Pokemon.
-Most of its good moves has low accuracy.
I think Garchomp is good.

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Though, Garchomp is the better one
It is a really powerful psuedo-legendaries. It have 3 weakness and a 4x from Ice-type. But if have 3 resistance and immune to electric. A total huge Attack and Hp (Next speed) can be seen. Actually, Garchomp learn Fire Fang from the early, and it can be used to attack against Ice one.
Noveirn is another choice, with 5 resistance, 3 weakness(Ice 4x again, that's why I don't like Ice type very much) and immune to ground. Even it is not a psuedo-legendary. If have a bunch of 123 speed. Learning some grass type move can be an advantage to this guy.

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Competitively A scarf chomp is VERY STRONG. Like this guy is insane. Noivern is good but his damage is a bit underwhelming. I prefer Garchomp by far.

If I went off topic, my favourite go to dragon is Charizard X. Insane D Dance sweeping potential

check the tags. I meant for in-game.