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This is not a "best team" thing, but my current team for online battling is Hawlucha, Mega Scizor, Garchomp, Mimikyu, Swampert and Zapdos.

Here's the thing, I use both Swamp and Chomp on doubles, and Swamp as my singles lead, and I don't want repetitive types so I need to ask: Should I take off Garchomp and replace it, or take off Swampert and replace it?

Do you do singles or doubles more?
@Gray I think Garchomp is better in both singles and doubles, mainly because everything Swampert does is done better by Hippowdon or Landorus.
@Azelf VGC banlists and Smogon banlists are pretty dumb sometimes. Why don't you ever complain that those are wacky?
@azelfeo he is joking.
Take a hint, read it again
I'd say give moveset of both
@sumwun - Hmm, if it’s real I would.

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  • Decent, both Physical-wise and Special-wise
  • The only threat to this beast is grass types.
  • For a starter, it's got a nice movepool.
  • M-Swampert's Attack stat goes through the roof.
  • Decent STAB moves


  • Lackluster speed
  • Swampert's best bet for coverage other than Toxic is a special move, and Swampert has a higher attack stat than sp. atk



  • If you choose to run Life Orb and have Earthquake, this monster will tear up your opponent's team.
  • Great movepool!
  • With Brick Break, the Ice Types will be the ones migrating to the south.
  • As if 130 Atk. wasn't enough, M-Garchomp has 170.


  • Garchomp loses speed in it's Mega, but it's still pretty fast
  • The ability is kinda useless, Rough Skin is dropped once it mega evolves.


Swampert may have less weaknesses, but Garchomp's mega rules all. Swampert is basically useless without a Keystone, Garchomp is still a great Pokemon with a Keystone or not! Also, a BST of 600 is pretty good compared to 535, but that doesn't mean Swampert is totally useless. Garchomp is better at Solo, but Swampert is the absolute god of Doubles.

Overall, the winner is.....

The Life Orb could be better, but it could also be bad (I don't even know how many times my Azelf fainted because of the Life Orb). An even better Item could be the assault vest or a yache berry.
Maybe if you're playing doubles and the support Pokemon had a Healing Move.
Garchomp's best items are assault vest in doubles and either choice scarf or focus sash in singles. Assault vest makes Garchomp able to tank more stuff, including some fairy attacks. Choice scarf and focus sash both help Garchomp stop fast but frail opponents.
I guess you're right on that one.
So can you, like, edit your answer or something? Or should I do it for you?