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I'm at the part of the game where the Looker tells you to find the Seven Sages and I cant find any of them. Please Help.


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Relic Castle
Route 14
Route 18
Chargestone Cave
Cold Storage

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On Route 14 You need Surf and Waterfall
Water fall is on Route 18
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So where's the seventh sage? Or is that Ghestis?
Yeah, I think so.
relic castel is trickey
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Location: Route 18
How to find him: Use Surf on western-most part of Nuvema Town and you’ll find Rood at the southwestern point of Route 17 and 18.
TM Received: 32 – Double Team

2 Ryoku

Location: Relic Castle
How to find him: Find Ryoku at the deepest chamber of the castle where you meet Volcarona.
TM Received: 04 – Calm Mind

3 Bronius

Location: Chargestone Cave
How to find him: Bronius can be located at the B2F of the cave. Upon talking to him, you will engage a fight with two Team Plasma Grunts.
TM Received: 69 – Rock Polish

4 Zinzolin

Location: The Cold Storage
How to find him: Zinzolin is hidden in the container inside the Cold Storage
TM Received: 01 – Hone Claws

5 Gorm

Location: The Dreamyard
How to find him: From Striaton City, head to the Dreamyard, and he should be near the stairs
TM Received: 75 – Sword Dance

6 Giallo

Location: Route 14
How to find him: Use the HM, Waterfall in Route 14 to go on top of the waterfall.
TM Received: 08 – Bulk Up

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