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  • Route 18 - Rood
  • Dreamyard - Gorm
  • Relic Castle - Ryoku
  • Cold Storage - Zinzolin
  • Chargestone Cave - Bronius
  • Route 14 - Giallo
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Thats 6, where's the seventh?
On route 18 I can't find him I go up water falls and rocks are blocking my path then I go across battle this dude go on the water there is a waterfall that leads to the abundant shrine and there are more rocks blocking my path if I go to a hidden like path  but haven't found him yet
Use this map to navigate through the rocks.
Also, that is for Route 14. If you are finding the Abundant Shrine, you are on Route 14, not 18.
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1st Rood (Route 18)

2nd Gorm (Dreamyard)

3rd Ryoku (Relic Castle)

4th Zinzolin (Cold Storage)

5th Bronius (Chargestone Cave)

6th Giallo (Route 14)

The 7th Sage is Ghetsis

After you beat him in N's Castle he dissapears to plan his revenge.