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Here are the numerical stat values of this Pokemon:

HP: 282
Attack: 514
Defense: 232
Special Attack: 698
Special Defense: 232
Speed: 744

It's got 31 IVs in every stat, 252 SpA and 252 Spe EVs and 4 HP. This is calculated for a Pokemon after a "Huge Power" boot, meaning the numerical values of the stats are doubled. The base stats of the Pokemon before Huge Powering are:
HP: 70
Attack: 125
Defense: 40
Special Attack: 125
Special Defense: 40
Speed: 120

Can someone tell me what the base stats are, and how to calculate it?

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Da hell? Is that a Deoxys (speed form)? Dat speed... But no, I'm not entirely sure how the base stats are worked out but it has something to do with the Pokemon's minimum possible stats (no IVs, EVs and hindering nature) and maximum possible stats (31 IVs, 252 EVs and helpful nature) in comparison to other Pokemon, as far as I am aware (don't take my word for it though lol). I think without knowing the IVs it's pretty much impossible.

Found a different post for the same sorta thing, answered by DarkTyphlosion.

"There are only two formulas for calculating a Pokemon's stats:


HP= (( IV+ Base+ (√(EV)/8)xLevel )/50)+10


IV-Individual Values
Base-Base Stat for Pokemon
EV-effort values, up to 256 (but only get points for up to 252)
Level-Pokemon's current level

All other stats:

S=(( IV+ Base+ (√(EV)/8)xLevel )/50)+5

Same variables for the previous one."

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This is for a new pokemon entirely.