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I know Giovanni, who comes from Geo, meaning earth. Here are my really bad theories for the rest:

Maxie kinda sounds like Maximum Potential, which is what he is trying to get Groudon to, it's maximum potential.

Archie sounds like Arch-enemy, and Archie is Maxie's arch enemy.

Cyrus sound like Cyprus. The doctor in doctor who has been to cyprus (in the old series). The doctor goes through time and space, and Cyrus wants the Pokemon of time and space.

N's full name is natural something something (no, its not actually that, but I can't remember the rest.). N loves nature, so thats could be where his name is from.

Ghetsis sounds like Get This. My theory is that the guy who officially gives people names was also a kidnapper with bad hearing. When he asked mommy Ghetsis what the baby's name was, she said GET THIS. He's my baby. You cant steal him. The name giver didn't hear the last part, and though she said Ghetsis, so thats his name.

My theory for Lysandre is that when he was young, his name was Dre and he didn't take care of his hair. with hair that big, he was bound to get lice, so people called him "lice on Dre". The name then stuck, and he forgot his name, and Lysandre was created.

These are jokes, and I know that its hard to tell sarcasm when you're reading something, which is why I'm telling you. What are these guy's name origins?


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>From Italian Giovanni, equivalent to John, gift from God; gio rhymes with geo, from Greek γῆ gē, earth.
May also be a play on his resemblance to a Mafia boss in control of his mob.

Maxie comes from magma.
Archie comes from aqua.

Cyrus means kuros, the Persian word for sun. This works with the other admins of Team Galactic, who were all named after planets, and him being named after the sun.

>From "G" and "Cis" (C♯), the pitches of the timpanis used in his battle theme. The combination of "G" and "Cis" is a tritone, previously referred to as Diabolus in Musica (The Devil in the Music) in the 18th century. Could also be romanized as Goetis, derived from Goetia, Greek for "sorcery".

That first story is absolutely ridiculous omg.

>French form of the name Lysander, meaning the release of a man or liberator. Lysander (Greek: Λύσανδρος, Lýsandros) was also the name of a Spartan admiral who ended a great war. The Lys- portion is likely a reference to the fleur-de-lis.


>From fleur-de-lis, a decorative symbol used in French heraldry and is French for lily flower.

Hope I helped. :)
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Thanks, I'm still planning on recommending Lysandre some shampoo.
What about N?
N's full name is actually "Natural Harmonia Gropius" (Geez I wonder how he DIDN'T figure he was Ghetsis' tool...). So I guess his origin comes from Team Plasma's alleged goal i.e to bring peace and make humans and pokemon equal...  or something like that.

Or, since he pouts all sorts of "equations" on your face every time he opens his mouth, he could have mathematical origin.
"Natural comes from natural number; it may also reference to his understanding of nature. N and Harmonia may compound to make Enharmonic. Harmonia may also be a reference to the mathematical harmonic functions. Gropius may be a reference to the Bauhaus architect Walter Gropius." - Bulbapedia