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I was wondering which set I should run for the upcoming Rock Head Tyrantrum event. (technically, Sturdy Tyrunt, but that becomes Rock Head.) Lum + DD provides less of a speed boost but more power, and Choice Scarf makes you outspeed a lot of stuff you couldn't, but locks you into Head Smash. If I could get pros and cons of each and an opinion on what to run, that would be great.


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DD will help add attack and speed to it and not lock you into moves , but leaves you setting up. That being said a good set would be:
Head Smash
Dragon Claw
Dragon Dance

For choice scarf , it would leave many people off gaurd ,and give you an early advantage, but it leaves you stuck in one move. a good moveset however, is:
Head smash
Dragon Claw

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Hope this helps m8! Also my opinion would be dd and lum
Dude, first off Tyrantrum gets Outrage through ORAS move tutors, and Lum Berry cures ALL status, not just confuse. That makes it a lot better.
Didnt consider tutor
Ik its just that lum berry only has one use so if ur gonna use it outrage with it sableye would just ruin it
I'm not even planning on using outrage .-.
... God dangit you couldve said that  before i added it like " it does get outrage but i dont want it tho"
Sorry :P